Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pickin and Grinnin? Not. Nickel Creek

Beauty And The Mess

Bluegrass is probably my second favorite genre of music, for all the same reasons I like a lot of rock and punk. I like intricate music that makes me marvel at the skill of those playing it, whether it's Union Station or Primus.

Nickel Creek, a bluegrass band whose sound is so complex and unusual that it defies easy genre-slotting, blends folk, country, blues and bluegrass, along with a healthy dollop of classical influences into a sound as unique as it is arresting.


Larry Clapp said...

Bought their debut album at iTunes. Nice.

BTW, I really dislike this white on black look you've got going. Just had to point that out.

Chuck said...

Hey there!

Glad you liked it. You inspired me to post a review of their second album as well.

On the format, I stare at the screen so much black backgrounds are soothing to my eyes.

I kid you not. Sometimes I feel like I've been staring at a lightbulb.

Let me look at some different formats.