Saturday, December 30, 2006

Reel Big Fish: Greatest Hit and "more"

The title of this Greatest Hit album tells you something about the band it covers. Tongue planted firmly in cheek this high-energy ska band sends up a lot of things, especially the music industry and themselves.

The lyrics are consistently sarcastic but the music packs a lot of toe-tapping energy into the album's 19 tracks.

There may only be one hit here (that's "Sell Out", a hit you actually might have missed). But as for the more, there's a lot that's great, from a cover of 80's hit "Take on Me", to a song about Beer, called, well, "Beer" to a couple of great tracks about wanting a girl who doesn't want you, either because she has a boyfriend "I want your girlfriend" or because she has a girlfriend ("She has a girlfriend now").

Reel Big Fish's brand of rock might not be ready for primetime, but it's certainly infectious and a great pick for a rainy day or just when you're tired or bored.

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