Thursday, April 13, 2006

Awake: The Best of Live

Just so you don't think I'm always behind the curve, like I was with A Tribe Called Quest, I'd like to state for the record that I liked Live before anyone.

I feel so cool right now. Just let me enjoy this feeling for a moment.

Ok, I'm done basking.

In all seriousness, Live is one of the best bands around, a band influenced more by the U2 school of rock than the grunge craze that seemingly allowed every bar and garage band to land a deal in the early 90's.

Seriously, I like Stone Temple Pilots, but if they weren't channeling Pearl Jam to get a deal on their first album, then uh, why have they never sounded like that since?

For those looking for a crash course in this great band, I recommend:

Track 1, "Operation: Spirit". This 1 track made me go buy Mental Jewelry (Live's first album) the first time I heard it. A great bass line and ballsy vocals (both signatures of Live).

Track 6, "Lightning Crashes". A great song that starts soft and builds on Kowalczyk's vocal power and builds into one of the best rock tracks every recorded.

Track 12, "Dolphin's Cry" a great song reminiscent of their first album in a lot of ways.

Track 19, "Walk the Line" a really nice cover of the Johnny Cash classic.


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